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Superintendent’s Corner”
December 16, 2014

Good afternoon,

Last week was clearly a challenge; however a positive has emerged from the situation with Jose Leon who went temporarily missing at Greenburg Academy. The positive is that Jose was found unharmed and each of the four Academies reviewed their respective dismissal procedures. The principals submitted their updated procedures to Mr. Federice on Friday and we will review them this week. It should be noted that Greenburgh Academy formulated an ad hoc committee on Thursday in which they reviewed the procedure, updated it and immediately implemented it. The results were outstanding and a special thank you to the staff who aided the Yonkers Police Department in locating Jose via Ms. Howell's effective leadership: Mr. Gualtiere, Mr. Capers, Mr. Coffey, Ms. Effort, Ms. Byrd and Mr. Hislop.

On another positive note, our newly formed District varsity basketball team recorded two upset victories last week in that they defeated Dobbs Ferry and Hastings, our neighboring districts, for the first time in our history!  Our coaches, Mr. Gains, Mr. N. Federice and Mr. Marcelleus, have been incredibly supportive and effective with our student athletes. I am proud of both our coaches and of course our students. 

I recommend all staff attend the home opener and cheer on our team. The game will be on Wednesday at Kenneth B. Clark Academy beginning at 4:00.  Our coaches and students would greatly appreciate your support particularly during this holiday season.

The professional half day on Friday from all indications was a success in that it provided an opportunity for departments to share ideas and address curricula issues.

In working with both the social studies and science departments we made progress in identifying issues around curriculum and SLOs. There will be follow up meetings beginning in February and schedules will be available next month.  Each department group needs to email me a summary of their outcomes and those that participated by The Monday in which we return from the holiday.  

As you educate our students and prepare them for the holiday be reminded of Fredrick A. Agar's quote:


"Love never asks how much must I do, but how much can I do."

For this week I am recommending you watch any of the several Edivation videos that address student engagement. These videos may assist you in creating lessons that will lead to reduction of behavioral issues and increase academies achievement.

For those of you that have not begun to review videos for your professional development, please begin to do so. I am requesting viewing minimally ten minutes of videos per week.  The IPad winners who have viewed the greatest number of minutes of videos per Academy will be announced shortly


Please enjoy the remainder of the week.


Ed Placke

If you would like more information regarding GNC please visit our website ( For referral information please contact Dr. Robin Levine at 914-798-7200 ext.2232 regarding day placement and for residential placement please contact either Jill Bergner, Director of Intake, at 914-693-3030 ext. 2037 or Karen Safris, Supervisor of Intake, at 914-949-0665 ext. 2301.
Dr. Edward Placke
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